iPad Procedures


All chargers are to stay at home. We have charging stations at school in each grade level for emergency charging.  Each night the students need to charge their iPad and this will allow it to have a charge through the entire school day. 

  • If students bring a charger to school and the charger goes missing it is your responsibility to replace it.  The replacement must be an Apple brand cord and power block ($40 total).
  • If the charger is not charging at home and you have tried it in a different outlet then have your child bring it to school and see Mrs. Rutledge. She will determine if it is a defect that is covered under the Apple Warranty and if so replace it. If not, you are responsible to replace the cord.
  • If the cord is damaged by misuse, animal chewing, etc. then you are responsible to replace it. The replacement must be an Apple brand cord and power block ($40 total).

Broken Screens

Broken screens need to be reported to the classroom teacher who will then get a form from Mrs. Rutledge. The teacher will work with your child to write how it was broken.  This form will be given to Mr. Courtwright to determine if it was accidental or neglect.

Lost or Stolen iPads 

Lost or stolen iPads also need to be reported to the classroom teacher who will help your child fill out a form. The Find my iPad only works if the iPad is turned on and has Internet access. If it was stolen you will need to make a police report.

Moving from Hanford-Dole Elementary

If your student is leaving our school either transferring within county or out of county the iPad and charger need to be turned into the office or Mrs. Rutledge. We will transfer the iPad to the new school if your child is staying within Rowan Salisbury Schools.


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You can vote for her at https://www.fsioffice.com/tow/ to see if she can win a chance to go to a game.
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Hanford-Dole has recognized the following students who have achieved IRead 80 by April 23rd.  Each student had a "High Achievement Reading Yard Sign" placed in his/her yard by the school staff. A number of these students have surpassed the IRead 80 score by having completed reading articles of 100 or more! Our 3-5 readers have been recognized every two weeks and received wrist bands for...
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 Hanford-Dole Elementary has recognized the following students as May Good Citizens for the character trait of Respect. Each student received a personalized certificate and had his or her picture on the Good Citizen board for the month. Hanford-Dole's Communities In Schools coordinates the monthly program.Pre-kindergarten: Giselle H.Kindergarten: Christopher C., Bella E., Avyon F., Bryan N. and...
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