HDES Staff


Mrs. Vickie Gamble


Mrs. Julie Webb
Mrs. Jennifer Coble
Mrs. Shannon Griffin
Ms. Lucy Barnes
Ms. Amanda Blackwood

1st Grade

1st Grade Staff Picture

Ms. Ledra Welch-Walker
Ms. Janelle Etheridge
Ms. Katiearl Etters
Ms. Leslie Park


2nd Grade

Mrs. Dawn Gilland
Mrs. Wendy Overcash
Ms. Annie Joyner
Ms. Whitney Weaver
Mrs. Sarah Stepp

3rd Grade

3rd grade staff picture

Mrs. Christine Moore
Ms. Carol Schmitz-Corken
Ms. Towand McNeil
Ms. Deborah Weddington
Ms. Jessica Ramistella


4th Grade

Mrs. Robin Daye
Ms. Crystal Ellis
Ms. Courtney Hunter
Mrs. Sharon Moore


5th Grade

5th grade teachers

Ms. Sally Schultz
Ms. Jenna Rossi
Ms. Anthia Smith



Special Area

Ms. Sarah VanBuskirk, PE
 Lisa Rogers, ESOL
Julie Osteen, Art
  Tammie Brown, Music
Mrs. Tina Rutledge, Tech Facilitator
Mrs. Suzanne Crockett, Media Coordinator
Ms. Dixon-Thompson, Speech 
Ms. Maldonedo, Speech



Ms. Barb Fischer, EC K-2
Ms. Rachel Hamm, EC 3-5
Ms. Rachel Pirozzolo, CCAC K-5


Ms. Candi Craven, Literacy Coach
Mrs. Simpson & Ms. Shepherd, Community in Schools
Ms. Sabrina Eagle, School Counselor
  Ms. Susan McClary, Nurse




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You can vote for her at https://www.fsioffice.com/tow/ to see if she can win a chance to go to a game.
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Hanford-Dole has recognized the following students who have achieved IRead 80 by April 23rd.  Each student had a "High Achievement Reading Yard Sign" placed in his/her yard by the school staff. A number of these students have surpassed the IRead 80 score by having completed reading articles of 100 or more! Our 3-5 readers have been recognized every two weeks and received wrist bands for...
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 Hanford-Dole Elementary has recognized the following students as May Good Citizens for the character trait of Respect. Each student received a personalized certificate and had his or her picture on the Good Citizen board for the month. Hanford-Dole's Communities In Schools coordinates the monthly program.Pre-kindergarten: Giselle H.Kindergarten: Christopher C., Bella E., Avyon F., Bryan N. and...
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